Getting started

The aim of this document is to educate about the working of Rind Nodes. We simplified all the complex technical terms and try to describe them in the simplest language.

Rind is a decentralised financial platform which guarantees high returns. All you have to do is to own RIND Nodes in your wallet and invite some friends.

YES, High returns. You can earn 100% of your investment from your first referral itself. From the next invites, you started making profits.

All the transactions in Rind were made using highly trustable cryptocurrencies such as BNB, ETH, MATIC etc. in our eco-system (Currently, we support only BNB. We support more chains and currencies soon in near future). So, for anyone who doesn't have a crypto background, it's important to know how to convert fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies and vice versa.

What are Rind Nodes?

Rind Nodes are NFTs (non-fungible tokens) which you can mint from our website. You can also obtain nodes from other members or from third-party NFT marketplaces (To understand more about different types of nodes please check Nodes detail page)

When you mint a node, the minting cost will be splitted and invested into two investment plans which we call Direct Block and Group Block. Direct block gives better returns from direct invites while group block gives returns from teamwork.

Learn More from the Community

Please join our discord server and follow us on social media to talk with the community.

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