There are three types of Nodes available and in each type, there are different tiers.

Nodes Types

Anyone can mint a normal node from the website, but required an invite link from another member. Once the user came using some invite link, whenever they start a node will come under your blocks.

These nodes can be transferred to other users if you wish to sell. Or, you can mint for your child member and transfer it to him/her.

Different Tiers

Nodes are divided into different tiers with different costs. Node cost starts from 0.04 BNB to 0.64 BNB.

TierTier CostCost Upto the TierTier ID

Basic Node

0.04 BNB

0.04 BNB (1 Nft)


Executive Node

0.08 BNB

0.12 BNB (2 Nft)


Directors Node

0.16 BNB

0.28 BNB (3 Nft)


Founders Node

0.32 BNB

0.60 BNB (4 Nft)


Presidency Node

0.64 BNB

1.24 BNB (5 Nft)


When you are minting, you are minting all the nodes below the selected node. If the invited user chooses a different tier which you dont have, then you will never get returns for that particular node.

Say, for example, If you mint an Executive Node, it will cost 0.04 + 0.08 BNB = 0.12 BNB and two NFTs will be minted to your wallet - one Basic Node and an Executive Node.


a) When a user tries to mint "Basic Node" using your invite link, he/she will be added under your Basic Node and you get returns for Basic Node.

b) When a user tries to mint "Executive Node" using your invite link, you will get returns for both Basic and Executive Node.

c) When a user tries to mint "Directors Node" using your invite link. You will get returns only for Basic and Executive Node. You will not get returns from Director Node since you dont own Directors Node; But you will get returns from the other two nodes which you own in your wallet.

It's better to have all possible nodes in your wallet to get maximum profit. Also, there is no additional advantage for minting the same tier nodes in the same wallet. If you wish to run multiple streams of invites, we recommend minting the same Tier tokens in a different wallet.

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