2️⃣Generate Revenue

Once you have added nodes to your wallet, you are eligible to generate revenue.

Invite your friends

Go to https://www.rind.co/dashboard and copy your invite link from the left side of the dashboard. Please check the page Invite Link if you wish to know how the invite works.

All you have to do is to promote Rind nodes by sharing your invite link with your friends. When your friends create a node it will be distributed to you and to your parent.

How does it work?

Your minting cost will be invested into two high return algorithms which are represented as two rectangles in your dashboard. That is 50% invested in the Direct block and 50% invested in the Group block.

When your invited friend creates a node it will be invested under your blocks splitted 50% each per block. This will fill one circle from the first rectangle and one circle from the second rectangle.

All you have to understand is that, if one yellow circle is filled, you will get 50% of the node cost as revenue. So, for example, when your first referral creates a node, the first circle on both rectangles got filled and you will get 50% + 50% revenue = 100% returns (since the first circles on both rectangles are yellow).

When all the circles are filled each block recycles and clears all circles.

Direct Block

Direct block gives high returns for those who are bringing a large number of members to Rind. Direct block gives an indirect income of 300% on each cycle. So a total of 200%(two yellow dots) + 300% (indirect income) which is equal to 500% per cycle.

Example: Suppose you brought a node of 0.04 BNB and when you complete 5 cycles(you invite 15 members) you will get a total of 1 BNB (calculation: 0.004BNB * 5 cycles * 500%= 2500% revenue)

Group block

Not only your invites but your parent's and children's invites also help you to fill the Group block. Even if you don't work, this block will give you continuous income.

To know more about how the algorithm works please read the How Blocks Works page

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