How Rind is Different?

100% Investment Back in First Invite Itself

Rind focused on returning the investment back as soon as possible. This is the initial confidence we can exhibit. More returns will be accumulated while you invite more members. Say, for example, If you invite 3 members, you will get 5 times the investments from the direct block and 3 times from the group block. To know more about how the earnings work check Start Earning and check How Blocks Works to understand how the algorithm works.


Can you trust a person or business or even the government? No

Smart contracts are some special algorithms which are installed in the blockchain. Once these programs are active no one can change the algorithm, even the creator can't change it. It is public and decentralised. You can trust a program in blockchain since it's non-changeable and non-disposable. In Rind, not any person nor any business collects and distributes your earnings. It's automated and irreversible.

Claim Anytime

Returns will be reflected in your balance instantly when someone created a node using your invite link. You can claim your balance anytime you wish. All you need to do is to go to your dashboard in and click on the "Claim Now" button.


When you start a node, an NFT is transferred to your wallet which holds the value of your investment. Since your investment is in the form of NFT, you can transfer it to any user you wish. Either you can resale or gift or help your team member to start a node for them.

Once a node is transferred all future earnings will be credited to the new owner. Also, the new owner will get his invite link from his dashboard to start inviting new members.

Guaranteed Returns

Transparency and security of smart contract technology assure your safety in the distribution of earnings. All the balance calculations and distribution are automatically handled by the smart contract.

Future of Earnings

No Shit Coins: The Rind is using popular and proven cryptocurrencies that are supported by industry giants, such as Binance Coin and Ethereum. So users can invest without worrying about the exchange rates.

High Future Earnings: Cryptocurrency rates are exploding exponentially. Since the distribution is in crypto, the future returns with respect to fiat currency will be high.

Public Transactions

This is a feature of blockchain. All the transaction of each and every user is public in the blockchain and can be verified by anyone.

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